About Etechlabs

Company Overview

Etechlabs is a specialist in embedded hardware and software development. Our in-house products foster shortest development time for your 'launch early' strategy. We design, develop and manufacture customized electronics (hardware), firmware, application development and associated software for a wide spectrum of clientele. Our industry experience spans Security systems to digital signage to medical electronics and everything in between. We are recognized for our fair, transparent, and ethical dealing. We protect the Intellectual Property rights (IPR) of our clients. Send us your business requirements and we will be happy to engage with you.



Headquartered in Mumbai, Etechlabs was incorporated in 2002 as a small start-up design house of micro-processor based electronics to a niche clientele. Over the years we have plunged into diverse domains acquiring valuable insights into the business of product engineering. With a global mindset, Etechlabs will now cater to the world market.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer total, cost-effective, next generation embedded hardware and software solutions in the shortest possible development time enabling our clients to launch their product ideas early.


Our Vision

  • To lead in embedded hardware and software solutions and be known as an electronic product development company of repute.
  • To build strategic partnerships globally with all stakeholders - clients, vendors, and investors .
  • To stay abreast with technology and build our technical competence and domain expertise.
  • To nurture a winning team that has a passion for excellence.
  • To be the delight of our customers by achieving perfection in our processes and quality methods.


Our Core Values

Regardless of how large we become, the journey all along is rooted by some firm beliefs and ethics which will never change -

  • Unyielding Integrity
  • Team work
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Ownership of responsibility



The composition of our team is a balanced blend of competence, leadership, and experience. It consists of veterans as well as young, yet seasoned professionals with a strong vision in steering the company to greater heights.
Know a little about

  • Francis D'souza – Founder & COO
    Elite in engineering experience for over three decades in industrial automation and medical electronics, Francis D'souza sowed the seeds of a small start-up that has sprouted into a next generation technology organization. As a founder, he formulated the corporate strategy and is responsible for entire planning, finance, and product management functions at Etechlabs.

    Francis D'souza is an electronics engineer from Mumbai University and has worked with global companies in the past, in the design, maintenance and customer support divisions.
  • Shailesh D'souza – Co-Founder & CEO
    Driven by an entrepreneurial zeal, Shailesh D'souza has spearheaded the organization since inception. In a short span of time, with his superior technical competence, leadership and dedication he has elevated Etechlabs from a design house to name of repute in embedded services. Presently he oversees design, development, business development and business delivery functions at Etechlabs.

    Shailesh is a B.E. in Electronics with an MBA from Mumbai University. He has acquired valuable experience for over 12 years in embedded hardware and software development across industries.



At Embedded Technology Labs we utilize our resources and expertise to ensure that your product development project flows smoothly. We will maintain close communication with you throughout the project to insure that your project is proceeding consistent with your needs.

To provide you a complete, robust and cost effective solution we implement our projects in the following manner

Stage 1: Inquiry
This is an initial discussion between you and our Business Development Manager to share our general skills and capabilities to see if we might be a good fit for your project needs.

Stage 2: Requirement Analysis
This is a detailed discussion with our team and you. The purpose of this discussion is for us to get an in depth understanding of your project needs and for you to get a firm understanding of our specific technical capabilities in areas needed for your project. Typically, this discussion will involve appropriate members of your team, our Business Development Manager, our engineers, and an Embedded Technology Labs Project Manager.

Stage 3: Proposal / Statement of Work
Based on the information we have received in the Requirement Analysis stage, we may mutually agree to create a detailed project proposal or Statement of Work (SOW) for your project. This Statement of Work will define project scope, activities, deliverables, schedule, costs, and proposed business terms. We will work closely with you to create and refine a Statement of Work that will satisfy your needs.

Stage 4: Project Kickoff
Once we have reached agreement on the Statement of Work, Embedded Technology Labs will then assemble all the people and resources needed to start the project. Typical projects will include a kickoff meeting with members of your team and members of the Embedded Technology Labs Project Team

We offer our total commitment to quality at all stages of the product development cycle. Thorough documentation, quality checks, and a tight control are put into practice at all stages. Absolute secrecy of design and development work is assured and complete technology transfer can be carried out as per the client's request.


Skill Sets

We use the very advanced technologies for development of electronic devices and embedded systems. We continually study latest technologies and their applications to product development focusing on embedded system design based on microprocessors, microcontrollers, system-on-chip, DSPs, FPGAs and related board support packages for embedded operating systems. We use time-to-market and cost optimized technologies and electronics components when developing electronic products for our customers.


  • Assembly and C language programming for 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers, DSP
  • Buses: ISA, PC 104, VME, PCI, PCI Express
  • Peripheral Interface: CAN, USB, Ethernet, SPI, I2C, PS/2, RS232, RS485
  • Wireless: 802.11, GSM/GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth, IrDA, RFID, Zigbee • VHDL, Verilog for FPGAs
  • RTOS, BSP, Device Drivers
  • C, C++ for Windows/Linux Platforms
  • VB6.0, VC6.0, C#, .NET
  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout Design
  • PCB Signal Integrity
  • DFT and DFM Analysis
Hardware Platforms
  • 8051 derivatives from NXP, Atmel, Nuvoton, ST, TI, SST
  • Freescale: 68HC05, 68HC11, 68K, iMX
  • Intel : x86, PXA270, PXA320
  • Siemens: C166
  • Renesas: H8, SH, R8, M16
  • ARM: ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M3 from ST, Atmel, NXP, Luminary Micro, Cirrus Logic, TI
  • Microchip: PIC 12x, 16x, 18x, 24x DSPIC
  • Atmel AVR, AVR32
  • Zilog: Z80, Z8
  • ST: ST6, ST10, uPSD
  • Texas Instruments: MSC1210xx, MSP430xx, ARM derivatives
  • Analog Devices: AduCxx, Blackfin
  • Silabs: C8051Fxxx
  • Cypres: PSoC
  • Rabbit: Rabbit3000
  • Fujitsu: MB89xx
  • Xilinx : FPGAs and CPLDs
  • Altera : FPGAs and CPLDs

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