Unleash the power of technology. Enrich your products with enhanced features, super performance and pull the market back to you.
Embedded Technology Labs strives to deliver workable and cost-effective embedded solutions in diverse domains like Medical Electronics, Security systems, Telecom etc. We design, develop and manufacture electronic systems and provide our clients with complete subsystems or entire products. We assume complete responsibility for all phases of development, beginning with requirement analysis to the transfer of technology and information to the client. Our development engineers have expertise in requirements analysis, system architectures, system design, software coding, and software testing for microprocessors, microcontrollers, FPGA and DSP based solutions.
You may want to-

  • extend your product range
  • replace your present product/services
  • create a newer market
  • improve the performance or quality of your existing product
  • reduce resources and material cost
In all your endeavors, we wish to partner with you with our reliable, cost-effective, service offerings in
  • Hardware Design
  • Embedded Software
  • System Software
  • Product Engineering Services
  • Product Re-engineering Services
  • Testing, Validation and Code Maintenance Services
  • Consulting


Hardware Design:

We provide complete hardware design solutions that encompass:

  • Block-level design
  • Component selection
  • Schematic capture
  • Multi-layer PCB layout
  • Signal Integrity
We design systems and boards based on analog circuits, digital circuits and subsystems, microprocessors, microcontrollers, FPGAs, DSPs and SOCs. Creating schematics using Capture tools, simulation of the hardware and design of multi-layer PCBs are some of the aspects of Embedded Hardware Design.
We gather initial technical and functional requirements, design schematic diagrams and multilayer printed circuit boards, attempt to comply to the environmental safety requirements and RoHS.

All development stages are additionally analyzed by the technical experts, which minimizes error risks.

Some interesting projects implemented - Case studies relevant in this field


Embedded Software

Our core area of expertise encompasses single-processor to multi-processor control applications and distributed embedded software systems.

Our technology capabilities are well supported by industry-specific experiences in developing embedded software solutions for test & measurement equipment, industrial automation, security, home automation and medical equipment industries.

We focus on delivering feature-rich, high-availability and fault tolerant embedded software and system software solutions provide sustenance engineering services, such as software maintenance and technical support services to widen product life cycles.

Our Embedded Software Development expertise includes:

  • Design of complex distributed software architectures for multi-processor real-time / embedded systems
  • Development of embedded applications such as GUIs, MMIs, browsers and Protocol stacks for a variety of embedded systems
  • Development of device drivers and Board Support Packages
  • Capability in working with several proprietary and industry standard embedded operating systems
  • Working with diverse range of hardware platforms, processors and custom hardware devices
  • Design and interoperability testing
  • Testing of embedded systems and development of automated test environments
  • Porting applications between different RTOS and processors
  • Feature enhancement, performance tuning, maintenance and support for existing embedded systems


System Software

Our aim is always to provide total solutions to our clients. Therefore along with embedded solutions we also develop system software for user and instrument interface to a PC on multiple platforms and interface technologies.

We develop custom application software such as:

  • Device Driver Development
  • Web enabling any product
  • Data base management
  • Interface to wireless modems etc.
Embedded Technology Labs is also proficient in development of device drivers for interfacing custom hardware to computers with various operating systems. We can assist our clients in custom protocol stack development as well.

Some interesting projects implemented - Case studies relevant in this field


Product Engineering Services

Products define the identity of technology companies, and the present business environment seeks innovative ways to turn ideas into real products - quickly. Having built expert teams in board design, FPGA design, embedded software, application software, Embedded Technology Labs is uniquely placed to offer services in products / total solutions development - from requirements capture to architecture, design, prototyping, design validation and support during deployment.

Design experience and domain knowledge garnered over many years help our product design teams deliver quality, cost effective solutions in the shortest time frame. This expertise coupled with our collaboration with contract manufacturing houses for prototyping and volume production and accredited laboratories for agency and compliance certification help us offer end-to-end design services under one roof that benefit our customers immensely.

The design service is backed with excellent support during deployment and product sustenance through enhancements and feature additions. All regulatory requirements are factored into the development during the system design phase. We totally assist in complying with regulatory and agency approvals as required by customers, with complete and thorough documentation.

Some interesting projects implemented - Case studies relevant in this field


Product Re-engineering Services

Morph your products don't kill them. Etechlabs breathes life into your products with expertise in next generation technology. We address all end-of-life issues and obsolete component designs without changing the fit and firm of your products.

Often customers have a good product, a legacy system that is no longer cost-effective and cannot be manufactured anymore due to obsolete components. Therefore it is critical to have a replacement with minimal or no impact on the rest of the solution. We re-analyze and re-design a system, with a fresh design approach.

Our hardware design team has the expertise and competence required for re-engineering the entire product, using an identical technology but incorporating the latest components. This process is usually done for either obsolescence or cost reduction. It is also used to reproduce a cost-effective alternative to ensure a competitive edge to end customers.

Some interesting projects implemented - Case studies relevant in this field



As a full service organization, Embedded Technology Labs can offer you a complete product development solution, or simply provide consulting services for your project. Whether you're in need of engineering proficiency in a particular discipline or multiple disciplines, we want to provide your organization with the expertise you need to get the job done right the first time. Allow us to be your extended arm and we will provide the necessary skills to complete your project.

Consulting Service Options:
Basic - includes design reviews, architecture evaluations, process consulting, or reliability analysis.
Extensive - includes architecture development, product testing, user trials, or cost reduction.


Testing, Validation and Code Maintenance Services

Etechlabs verification and validation services are designed to provide independent hardware and software testing services so that our customers can focus on priority functions.

Our outsourced testing services ensure:
Exceptional product quality prior to production / market release
Flexible sourcing, wherein peaks and troughs for testing are efficiently managed

Our testing services expertise includes:

  • Functional testing of electronics and software system components
  • Development of software test cases for verification testing
  • Compliance testing to meet industry standards
  • Development of 'Requirements Trace Matrix' to validate the functioning of all testable requirements
  • Design and interoperability testing
  • Testing of embedded systems and development of automated test environments
  • Development of comprehensive problem tracking database and complete test summary reports
We offer ongoing product sustenance engineering services that include bug fix, enhancements, maintenance and release management for several products that range from mature products to sunset products.


Outsourcing Modes of Engagement

Get the best value realization from our flexible business models that comprise

  • Project based (fixed)
  • Effort based (time & material)
  • Offshore Development Centers(ODC)
Project based (fixed)
In this model Etechlabs provides detailed project documentation on-
  • Scope & Solution offered
  • Technical Details
  • Phases of Implementation
  • Project delivery schedule
  • Cost to Customer
Our process optimization ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget, on target.
Effort based (time & material)
In this model the project costs depends on the total project execution time and resources deployed.

This business model is particularly useful in contexts where the projects are quite complex and are prone to specification and design changes midstream.

This model gives customer greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis and modify specifications based on the changing market needs.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)
An Offshore Development Centre (ODC) is an extension of the customer's own engineering centre. In this business model we offer –
  • Exclusive state-of-the-art infrastructure with connectivity
  • Dedicated resources with best skill sets
  • Security and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection
All rights to the IPR developed in the Development Facility vests with the customer.

The Offshore Development Center (ODC) also provides a very cost effective solution to customers requiring continuous offshore support. The software design, the development methodologies, the schedules and the test plans are worked out on mutual consideration. We also implement standard/customer specified quality framework. Billing is based on man-months expenses at the contracted rate and expenses as approved on actual for on-site work.

Benefits of ODC Model to our Customers
  • Flexibility and time-to-market advantages
  • Timely availability of resources for projects (Skilled & experienced engineers and appropriate infrastructure including comprehensive development and testing facilities)
  • Fully transparent operations enabling tracking of project schedules, costs, and risks on on-going basis and timely resolutions of issues
  • Implementation and maintenance of quality standards and practices
  • Substantial reductions in R&D costs (lower fixed costs/overheads with us taking complete responsibility for administrative, staffing and training functions) of the customer
  • Complete responsibility for all engineering and project management activities is taken by us
For every assignment a contract is signed. The contract will include following general terms and conditions such as:
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Titles / Transfer of the intellectual property rights involved clearly spelt.
  • General liabilities of the parties


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